Lion Pride

At MCS, we offer a comprehensive collection of extracurricular activities that enhance our students’ educational experiences. Our activities serve as an extension of our academic and spiritual growth programs and are designed to develop students spiritually, socially, physically, and academically. We feel every student should have the opportunity to participate in activities that empower them to discover and explore their God-given gifts and abilities, develop their leadership skills, and deepen and strengthen their relationships with peers and the staff.

When students immerse themselves in activities beyond the classroom their level of pride, commitment, and fulfillment in school increases significantly. Studies show that students who participate in extracurricular activities experience more academic success and have a reduced risk of absenteeism. When students join our extracurricular programs they develop a loyalty to MCS and experience true Lion Pride!

+ Robotics

The MCS Robolions design and build robots that compete in the FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC). However, robotics involves much more than just building a robot – our team operates like a small business and feels like a family. Over the course of a season, team members learn technical skills in mechanical and electrical engineering, computer programming, marketing, and public relations. Most importantly, however, they learn about teamwork, leadership, respect, and integrity.

+ Science Fair

As a part of the science curriculum, MCHS students participate in the annual MCS Science Fair. The purpose of the science fair is to teach students the proper use of the scientific method in independent research. The science fair is also used to develop students’ abilities to communicate ideas, identify potential issues in experimental design, make decisions, problem solve, and evaluate alternative solutions. Students who demonstrate a strong grasp of the scientific method and a deep understanding of their area of independent research may be selected to compete in the annual SIUE Science and Engineering Research Challenge (SERC). Preparation for the science fair/SERC begins in late fall and concludes in March.

+ Humble Hands Service Group

Humble Hands is a student-led group whose main goal is to share the love of Jesus Christ with our community through service. Our name is a constant reminder of who we are and what God has done for us. We are humble because “God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us (Romans 5:8).” We are His hands because, by God’s grace, He has let us be a part of His redemptive plan to bring people to Him by being empowered by the Holy Spirit to serve others.

+ Drama Club

The focus of the Drama Club is to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to put on a comprehensive theatrical production. From set building and lighting to character development and plot, students experience the entire gamut of theater arts. The culminating experiences for students are the Christmas and Spring performances.

+ Choir

Choir is offered to students in grades 3-12.  Students learn basic sight-reading skills, note names and values, time signatures, and clef names.  Choir meets once a week and students will be given opportunities to perform for the school as well as the community.

+ Actions of Love Mentoring Group

Actions of Love (AOL) is a group designed to develop a confidence and identity in Jesus Christ for our young women. Throughout the course of the year, AOL members study the Word of God to find out what it says about their role as Christian women, serve the families of MCS as well as the community, and experience times of fellowship outside of the basic school day. AOL meets on a weekly basis throughout the school year.