Why Choose MCS?


Academically Challenging Curriculum

In a culture where ease and comfort are pursued relentlessly, Maryville Christian School continues to hold the academic bar high. We strive to challenge our students to learn and to think, to grow in knowledge and skill so that, when the time is right, they will be well prepared to lead in the field of endeavor to which they are led.

Taught from a Biblical Worldview

There is no such thing as a "neutral" education. Every teacher communicates a worldview - many times unknowingly. At MCS, we are intentional in our instruction. Believing in absolute truth, in right and wrong, our teachers present all subjects from a biblical worldview. Our students learn that no matter the subject, there is order and design in the world because there is a Designer behind it all.

Mentored Through Relationships

We have the privilege of teaching a generation that is more connected – yet more isolated – than any that has come before. We also recognize that influence properly rendered cannot come through technology or in large groups. Therefore, we strive to form strong and wholesome relationships with our students as we model and coach them in living lives of integrity.

A Culture of Positive Life Change

Strong teaching both in content and life skills combined with our commitment to Christ creates a culture where positive life change can occur . . . And it does!

Strangers who enter the building sense it. The teaching is strong, yet our relationships are even stronger – and in the final analysis, God is behind it all; it is through His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, that broken lives are made whole. It is a wonder to behold!