Academic Excellence

Through high standards, MCS challenges our students to learn, and we focus on critical thinking skills to prepare them for the global economy. Students quickly pick up on the value of hard work, tenacity and dedication – giving them resources that will serve them well throughout their lives.

+ Learn

Learning can be defined as the acquisition of knowledge or skills through experience, study, or by being taught. Learning can occur in many different ways and in many different settings.

At MCS, our teachers recognize the individuality of each student and develop lessons that address the different types of learners present in our classrooms. It is our goal to instill a love for learning that will be ever-present in our students as they advance in their academic journey. Our teachers are intentional in building relationships and getting to know our students through small class sizes.

Our teachers also recognize that the environment of the classroom plays a critical role in the amount and quality of learning that takes place. Things such as noise level, temperature, lighting, and the seating arrangement are all factors that must be taken into consideration when establishing a positive learning environment. It is necessary for teachers to identify and maintain a setting in which students can experience optimal learning.

+ Grow

A key aspect of growth we desire to develop in our students is the ability to set their own (appropriate) academic goals, develop strategies to achieve them, and evaluate the outcome of their efforts. At MCS, we strive to develop students who take ownership of their education. We see the educational process as a tool to engage students in the personal development of their future successes.

Our teachers help students develop the confidence to share their ideas with others, knowing that that the feedback they receive will be delivered in an uplifting manner, offering meaningful and helpful suggestions. We encourage creative problem-solving and independent thinking. We foster collaboration and evaluation. Our staff identifies students’ strengths and weaknesses and work with them individually to optimize growth.

+ Serve

Maryville Christian School’s vision is to enable students to become powerful and effective servant-leaders who will impact their ever-changing world for Christ through biblical thought and action.

We desire to support parents in the nurturing, educating, and equipping of their children for the service of the Kingdom (Matthew 28:19-20). Students should work to understand and apply useful knowledge and skills in order to become better persons and to serve Christ by serving others. We believe that service to others should be modeled and encouraged by the entire staff. Respect for authority, good citizenship, love of our country, and patriotism should be instilled in our students in order to foster responsibility to their homes, community, and country.